How to boost your sales on Black Friday?

Any retail owner or executive worth their salt will tell you that Black Friday and the surrounding holiday season is perhaps the most opportune time of the year to boost your sales. A Drop of History The biggest sales event of today was in reality back in 1869 a stock market conspiracy. Jay Gould and […]

8 steps for a digital marketing strategy that drives sales

The digital revolution has leveled the game when it comes to winning in marketing. It is no longer necessary to have a large marketing budget to increase your sales. With the right digital marketing strategy and an understanding of all the latest digital marketing tips and tricks, you can reach your audience, drive traffic to […]

Explore, Strategy, Transcend

Online Strategy and Black Friday 2020 Results   1.Explore the Market One of the first steps before you start investing in online advertising should be to study the market. Knowing the best market practices and the strategies of our main competitors, are two essential points to define our internal strategy. To start investigating whether our […]

Is your website working for you?

Your website is not anymore an online business card, it should generate income for the business. This income should come whether directly through an online shop or indirectly through a lead form integrated on the website for the traffic that comes to it can approach your brand directly. You can look at your website analytics […]

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