Apple has announced that changes to iOS 14 require that all apps on the App Store show a warning to users on iOS 14 devices, in accordance with its App Tracking Transparency Framework. These changes will affect how Facebook receives and processes conversion events from tools like the Facebook Pixel. When Apple show the notice, advertisers who post campaigns to users on iOS 14 devices will be affected by limitations on data sharing.

In response to these changes, Facebook will start processing pixel conversion events from iOS devices by measuring aggregate events. This will help your efforts to preserve users’ privacy and help you run effective campaigns.

As of now, attribution periods for the 28-day click-through rate, 28-day view rate, and 7-day view rate will no longer be supported in active campaigns.

Here we leave the steps to follow to update the event configuration and manage these changes:

  • Completes domain verification. We recommend that you verify your website domain. All businesses should verify your domain as a best practice. However, it’s important to give priority to domain verification if they include pixels that are owned by multiple businesses or personal ad accounts. The main difference is that domain verification needs to be completed at the level of the effective primary domain plus one (eTLD + 1). Domain verification instructions.
  • Choose the 8 Conversion Events per domain. You can only configure up to 8 individual conversion events per site domain that can be used for campaign optimization. Optimizing ad sets for a conversion event that is no longer available will be suspended. You can configure these 8 conversion events in the Event Manager. Aggregate Event Measurement.
  • Initial setup and how to change it. Facebook will initially configure the conversion events that are most relevant to your business, based on your activity. All other events will be inactive for the purpose of campaign optimization. You can edit the selection of your conversion event in the Facebook Event Manager. We recommend that you identify the 8 most important conversion events for essential business results and assess whether you need to make changes to your campaign or measurement strategy. You can organize your 8 conversion events in order of priority in the Event Manager. Please note that, as only the highest priority event will be sent whenever a customer performs several actions during a conversion period, all other events can report lower than expected numbers, even if they are within 8. These events can still happen, but may not be reflected in the Event Manager reports. Learn more about the priority of events.

When you create your ad set, you’ll choose just one of 8 conversion events for optimization. You’ll need to consider whether you need to optimize for higher funnel goals like landing page views and clicks the link. For example, if you are unable to verify your domains or use more than 8 conversion events per domain for optimization, or reports, you should consider optimizing top funnels, such as landing page views. Landing page views are not subject to the limitation of 8 conversion events per domain.

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